“Hey Google, what’s on sale”
— Futures

Futures would like to place a Google Home Mini in your business, for you & your customers to experience the benefits of smart voice marketing.

We can personalise, targeted responses to FAQs.

This is where the real value kicks in for you. For example, “Hey Google, what’s on sale”, “Hey Google, what’s the best selling spa”. The smart speaker will respond with customised information, tailored to your business, that highlights the services you have on offer and why its you, who they should be shopping with.


With the use of motion triggered sensors, and customisable questions and responses, we can offer the latest in voice marketing for small & large brands, sub-contractor and any business. Why not turn your store, show home or supermarket in a money making opportunity.

Data collection

Would you like to know about how many potential customers visited your shop over the weekend? What questions are customers asking the most? We can provide you with this data. 

We can even trigger an email to your sales team after a customer asks a specific question.

 Why Futures?

We are experts in the voice assistant field. We offer full support both on-site and remotely for building custom responses as well as training of sales staff about Google Home & Amazon Alexa.

We can give you the data, based on what visitors are asking about. This just scratches the surface of the benefits we can offer your business, so your business stands out.

Welcome to the Future. 

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Empowering Your Business

Are you ready for the 'voice' era?

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