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the future is wireless


We all experience low battery anxiety with our smart phones, especially when we're travelling. We are always looking for that next top-up. Does your business offer “Free Charging”? Add value to your business with wireless charging.

Long Distance Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is nothing new, every phone since the iPhone 7, has it. Long distance wireless charging makes the next big leap. The power supply can now be install underneath any surface (between 15mm - 35mm) and transmit wireless current. This allows for the simplest installation of any charging solution.

Thanks to it’s charging ratio, it can be easily integration to any piece of furniture or surface transform it into a wireless charging station.


Wireless Charging Everywhere

Futures makes wireless charging more accessible, by making it easier to transform everyday surfaces into wireless charging stations.

• Fast: Fast charging capabilities
• Universal: Compliant with Qi devices (Mobile device manufacturers that are working with the standard include Apple, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobility, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry, Xiaomi, and Sony)
• Durable: Stain-resistant & easy to clean
• Seamless: Built-in into any nonmetallic surface