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Smart homes, simplified.


Home Automation doesn’t need
to cost a fortune.

Futures started because we found so much enjoyment in automating my fathers’ new home. As we researched, it came to our attention that no one was offering a simple automation system in 2018! Yes, you may be able to purchase these fully wired systems which give you control of every element in the home but they often cost what you'd expect and some functions are what we’d call ‘unnecessary’.

So we decided we’d simplify it.

Let’s say you start with automated lights. You’re going to purchase and wire a standard light switch in anyway.. Why not future-proof your home and add wifi connectivity to those light switches? From there we can add a range of smart products into the mix and create a fully functional, customised system for your home.

Other services we offer: The automation of garage doors, irrigation systems, gates, TV lifters and motorised blinds, all using our WIFI enabled switches that connect to each systems hardware. Simply say “Alexa, open the blinds”, “Alexa, open the garage door”, “Alexa', turn on zone 1”, or setup your own routines/scenes/timers.

Imagine calling it a night and all you need to say is “Hey Siri, Goodnight” for your bedroom curtains to close, lounge room lights to turn off and the front door to be locked. Starting your day can be as simple as saying “Hey Google, Goodmorning” to have your kitchen lights turn on and the weather or news headlines read to you whilst you make your morning coffee.

You’ll be shocked at how affordable this is.

Welcome to the Future.


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Why automate?

  1. Security

    By simply automating your lights you can add a high level of security to your home. For example you’re away on holiday or just for the weekend, creating a light schedule has never been easier. Have key lights in the house turn on & off during the night to fool thieves who are scooping the houses that someone is home, while you’re actually on holiday.

    There are also plenty of great DIY battery operated cameras that can notify your phone of any suspicious movement. Open the app to a ‘live’ view and as a precaution turn ALL the lights on with one button. Add our irrigation system to also turn the sprinklers on!

    Unsure if you left the garage door open, just open the app and check. It also allows you to grant access without leaving a key under the mat or the pot plant.

  2. Energy Savings

    With smart voice and app scenes, you’ll never leave any lights on while your at work again. “Alexa, I’m leaving”, all the lights turn off, the blinds close and the garage door opens. With simple timers you can make sure the outside lights come on when you want them and turn off just as you head to bed.

    The heat pump & aircon are major culprits for huge energy consumption. Adding app control to any old or new aircon unit is cheaper than you’ll believe!

  3. Time

    Your home needs to start working for you. Let the automation give you back minutes, hours, days over your life-time that you spend turn off lights, opening curtains and adjusting the irrigation. One voice or app scene and all the curtains/blinds can be opened or closed.

    Make an announcement to all the speakers in your house “Dinner time”, “We are leaving in 5 minutes”. Or play music throughout the house, “Hey Google, play music on all speakers”.

  4. Simplicity

    Control you will actually use on a day to day basis. We only offer control of the key systems in you home. Simple enough to use and not too much control you get lost.  No payment plans, no bulky hubs or wiring that locks you in. Because our system is affordable it allows for the flexibility to change and add more as Google and Amazon change.


Light Switches

  • Easy Retro-fit

  • Voice Control

  • App Control

  • No hub or bridge

  • WIFI 2-Way switching (no wired connection)

  • Scheduled LED backlight dimming

  • Changeable LED backlight colour (10 options)

Our switches work on what’s called a Zigbee mesh network. Instead of each switch connecting to the WIFI, there’s a 'host' switch that connects to the WIFI, and the remaining switches create a mesh between each other, and then communicate back to the internet via the ‘host’ switch.

One host switch needed per network.

Key Zigbee benefits:

Less demand on the WIFI network

Easier pairing process

Changable LED back light colours

Wireless 2/3/4-Way control

Speciality Switches

  • Easy Retro-fit

  • Voice Control

  • App Control

  • Affordable

  • Timers & Schedules

Our motor controlled switches integrate with 100s of local and international products.

Ask about our locally supplied and installed motorised blinds.

Now with Siri shortcuts for Apple!

“Hey Siri, open the garage door”


Your voice assistant experts

We believe that these are the home hubs of the future. Pulling together different products and services into one centralised app and voice assistant.

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Automated Homes

Our products are being use by Kiwis in New Zealand homes:


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All switches have been tested to international and NZ/AUS safety standards.